Zebra Collection

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Zebra Collection

Loderus har jobbat med Zebra-collection sedan företaget startade 2009. Loderus har tagit fram alla visuella delar av varumärket, från logotype till kataloger och webbsida. I starten på 2013 släppte vi den nya responsive sidan, anpassad för mobila enheter. Loderus är även stylist på alla fotograferingar.

Här kan du se några exempel på trycksaker. En brandbok med guidelines och en av deras kataloger. Alla bilder är tagna av  Carl Magnus. See Booklet as PDF  See Brandbook as PDF 

I have during three years time cooperated with Lisa Loderus. Her ability to feel the movements in fashion, style and how we shall be seen in social networks or magazine, has been a huge help for us, as a new company. She has along those meetings given us tools to increase knowledge in marketing. We have every year grown with over 50% and have a lot to thank her for that. Our way is settled in three year goals, and were all in the company knows what to do, Lisa will be a part of our success along this path.”  Mikael Rosenquist CEO Zebra Collection Of Sweden

Mikael Rosenquist CEO Zebra Collection Of Sweden